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Earn credits while charging 🗲

BC Government incentive to earn credits while charging your electric vehicle.

Home charger
Earn Green Energy Credits
with your EV Charger.
Our program helps EV Charger Owners track and report their electrical usage. This data can be used to claim GECs.
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What are GECs?
A non-tangible commodity representing the amount of kilowatts per hour (kWh) of electricity used through an electric vehicle (EV) charger.
Home charger
Home charger
Who can claim the GECs?
  • Residential building owners with more than 4 dwellings units and at least one electric vehicle charger.
  • Charger owners who are able to provide electricity usage data from their chargers.
  • The organization that provides the electricity to the chargers and pays the electric bill to BC Hydro.