GEC Program
About the program:
The Foreseeson GEC program helps owners of electrical vehicle chargers stay in compliance with BC Government regulations by tracking and reporting electrical usage. The usage data reported can be claimed as Green Energy Credits (GEC).
The Foreseeson GEC program dramatically simplifies your work and provides you with credits that can be sold.
Home charger
Why use Foreseeson?
Data Collection
Foreseeson can capture and provide full reporting on all your cumulated energy usage for the purpose of generating and validating your credits.
Volume Trading
Companies that buy GECs are only interested to trade in large volume as small quantities require too much handling and paperwork.
Buyers buy large amounts of credits per transaction. Our program will solve this with the pooling of all credits into larger packages.
Once a credit sale is completed, each of our customers will receive their share of the traded credits value based on our agreed fee schedule.
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